You are creation, you are pureness, you are mother nature

You might can’t remember, you might feel disconnected;
I’m here to support you to

Hi I'm Anne Michel

Ever get the feeling that there is more to life for, more you, more in you, more of something you can't explain which feels so powerful at the same time?

This more you can’t put in words, it’s in you and feels sometimes sooo far away?

I'd love to invite you to watch the short welcome video!

My next Event

Cacao Ceremony

The magical gift of Cacao allows you to dive into your body.
It will open your heart which allows you to get in touch with you deepest self.

Guiding into the depths, means to become connected with your primal trust, your creativity, your nourish and birthing centre.
Nourishing what wants to be seen, with the gentle power of the cacao.